At Archon Legal, our focus is on developing long term relationships with our clients and delivering the best outcomes, cost and time effectively.

We are highly professional in our approach, balancing our expertise as a top tier legal firm in Perth, with providing clients competitive rates with a practical approach.

The best outcomes
Our focus is always on our client and the best outcome. We are approachable in that we are flexible and responsive; and efficient as we able to make decisions quickly. We strip away the overheads commonly carried by law firms which don’t add value to the quality of legal service provided.

The best team
We have in excess of 28 years of senior legal experience backed by systems and processes to provide the representation for the long term.

We are a general practice which means that we can deliver a full suite of legal services to our clients as we build an understanding of their personal situations and businesses.

We have a team of specialists in each area of law with the ability manage large legal projects and complex issues.

Our values
Our values guide the way we work each day and serve our clients.


  • We seek to work together with our clients as long term partners
  • We leverage our experience and use this to think outside the box


  • Friendly and approachable we listen carefully to our clients
  • We speak in an easy to understand language – direct and concise, we take care of the detail


  • We deliver on what we promise
  • We act with honesty and integrity


  • Cost conscious – you pay for the value we deliver

As specialists in our field, we work hard to deliver the best commercial outcomes for our clients.