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Fixed fee legal services -billing

Archon Legal is proud to be able to offer to our clients a value based way of determining professional costs which we refer to as fixed fee billing. In a fixed fee billing matter, we carefully consider how long we think we will need to work on you matter at the beginning of the job, and we will then provide you with a set price for our work in relevant and separable stages. This approach gives you clarity and confidence in what your legal spend allocation will be, which in turn will allow you to make a more informed decision about how to proceed.

Archon Legal can provide you with the options of time based billing and fixed fee billing. We can help with advice as to what will be the best way to bill to suit what you need and the matter in hand. Don’t hesitate to contact us about any fixed fee legal services.

Traditional time-based billing

Traditionally, law firms charge professional fees based on hourly rates in accordance with time spent on a matter.  Many firms charge in six minute units for work involving periods of less or more than an hour.

In a time-based billing matter, you get estimates for the scope of proposed work prior to any work being undertaken.  At Archon Legal, we are time and cost effective. However, there are times that you need control and we can offer a fixed fee solution even if matters are complex or when issues arise that change the scope of work or time required to be spent.  We will always provide estimate updates and ensure that you’re well aware if the time and costs looks like exceeding the value of the issue.

Benefits of fixed fee lawyers

Fixed fee billing not only increases efficiency but gives the power back to you to decide how best to shape your strategy. As the focus shifts from time to value, you’ll have the freedom to stay in close contact with us right throughout your matter without continuously watching the clock!

We consider this essential as it ensures that our clients feel able to continually provide us with important information, without concern over the associated cost.  The result – better access and communication with your legal team.

One of the most valuable benefits of fixed fee billing is the certainty of avoiding run away legal costs.  Knowing the cost of your matter ahead of time brings peace of mind and alleviates anxiety before receiving a legal invoice at the end of the month.

Let’s get started

Fixing fee legal services ensure that you are provided with good value, freedom and the ability to anticipate your costs in relation to our professional fees. You are in control of your costs every step of the way.

Our team of specialist solicitors provide a diversity of services across a broad ranges of matters including personal and family law such as will, trusts and Enduring Power of Attorney, contracts, employment law and property law.

If we can help you to get your matter moving, please call or email us and let’s get started.