Personal & Family Law

At Archon Legal, we understand that often personal and family matters can be close to the heart when it comes to preparing for retirement, aged care, wills and estates. The lawyers at Archon Legal offer specialist advice and assistance on a range of personal and family law matters and can be the conduit to help ensure both smooth planning and resolution.

Wills and Estate Planning

Archon Legal can provide advice on the most effective ways to structure wills and testamentary discretionary trusts, as well as the preparation in application for probate and the administration and provision of representation in probate and estate litigation disputes.

Our services include:

  • Estate administration
  • Estate litigation
  • Estate planning
  • Farming estates
  • Probate
  • Succession law
  • Testamentary trusts

Archon Legal’s commercial team can also act as Estate Lawyers for our clients in relation to the leasing, acquisition and disposal of property and other assets, including businesses and plant and equipment.

The team has also acted as liquidators in the sale and disposal of distressed assets, supported by a settlements division for real property settlements.

Aged Care and Retirement Living

We have a depth of experience in the aged care sector and related legislative framework. Our lawyers can assist both providers of aged care services and individuals in the following areas:

  • Coronial inquests
  • Findings of breach, non-compliance and sanctions
  • Coronial inquests
  • Findings of breach, non-compliance and sanctions
  • Mediation

For facility providers, we can also assist in:

  • Resident documentation
  • Compliance with the aged care legislation
  • Commercial agreements including brokerage agreements, service agreements, home care agreements and funding agreements
  • Preparing policies and procedures
  • Resident complaints and the Aged Care Complaints Scheme
  • Corporate governance
  • Employment and Workplace Relations.

Enduring Powers of Attorney and Guardianship

Many decision making incapacities are caused by illness, accident or trauma; as well as age. Unfortunately sometimes there is no way of knowing when we may lose the ability to make decisions for ourselves, or be physically unable to attend to property or financial matters.

By appointing and Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) and Enduring Power of Guardianship (EPG), you can authorise a person or persons (or agency), who you know and trust. Read more from our Archon Legal Guide.

We will help you navigate through the process and assist in filing for both the EPA and EPG.

To find out more about Enduring Power of Attorneys and Enduring Power of Guardianship, click on our information sheets in our Resource Centre.

Personal or Family Litigation

We’re on your side

Most litigation matters involve disputes about rights and obligations, and as well as money. Whether your dispute is a business or family matter, we can help settle it efficiently, in the most amicable and cost effective manner. Our services may include:

  • Civil litigation
  • Insurance disputes
  • Debt recovery
  • Employment disputes
  • Property including strata disputes.

Criminal Law

Archon Legal has a thorough knowledge of the sentencing options available to the courts and will provide you with frank and open explanations and what to expect under the circumstances of your case. Our lawyers are strong negotiators who formulate a strategy based on their experience in the law.

We provide defence lawyers to deal with all kinds of criminal and traffic matters, in all courts throughout Western Australia.  From serious assaults, sex offences, drugs, firearms offences, theft and fraud, to all kinds of traffic offences – Archon’s defence lawyers will assist you to achieve the best possible outcome in the circumstances.

Our team will work closely with you to ensure that we understand your circumstances, appreciate the sequence of events that led to any charges being laid, carefully consider the statutory requirements associated with the charge and formulate a strategy of action for you based on your best interests and the instructions you provide to us.

Archon Legal can assist you with:

  • Traffic offences (driving while disqualified, DUI, extraordinary driver’s licence applications, dangerous and reckless driving, and more)
  • Assaults and violent offences
  • Breaches of police orders, court orders, VRO and MROs
  • Bail offences
  • Drug trafficking and possession
  • Firearms offences
  • Fraud
  • Stealing
  • Sex offences
  • Computer crime.

Contact us for more information on our services in this area. We also offer fixed free services for some of our services in this area.